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  • This level of competition is for dancers who train 6 hours or less per week for  *ALL GENRES COMBINED*
  • All Catalyst competing dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in the city where they are competing.

New Rule! Catalyst Dancers are now eligible to compete in one regular competition number (must be a small group or larger).

  • Disqualifications will result in any changes from one level of competition to another level of competition over and above the one entry permitted.
  • All entries for this new and exciting level of competition are included in the total number of entries allowed at our regional events.  * CATALYST competition fees are the same as the regional competition fees.

MINI – 6-9
JUNIOR –10-12
TEEN – 13-15
SENIOR – 16 +

All routines will be adjudicated. There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place given to the entries with the highest scores in the MINI, JUNIOR, TEEN & SENIOR categories. A plaque will also be awarded for the following:

Overall High Score Solo
Overall High Score Duo/Trio
Overall High Score Small Group
Overall High Score Large Group
Overall High Score Line
Overall High Score Production
Overall High Score Extended Time Production

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